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Product announcements (non-Highspeed products too), Forum Rules, and Administration
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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules

Be Reasonable, or Be Deleted

The forums are a level playground for helpful discussion, even if people have totally different viewpoints. As with all forums, posts that are too chippy, angry, unhelpful, or that violate the intent of the forum rules and conventions will be deleted (sigh). Let's hope it doesn't happen here.

Marketing Yourself and Your Products

You are welcome to post your new product announcements here in the Product Announcements forum when you have significant new features to announce to the forum audience. Product announcement posts will be moderated to constrain excesses in tone, size, or content.

You are NOT welcome to turn your posts into distinctive marketing posts with oversize fonts, styles, colors, underlines, embedded images, and so on. Please be reasonable, and use the standard forum fonts to produce a consistent reading experience for the forum audience.


You are welcome to put a line of text and a link to your website in your signature so that people can easily make the jump to your website for whatever marketing information you want to give them there. Here is an example 1-line signature:

Kevin Jameson, Highspeed Dictation Tools,

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